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4 Month Old Baby Sleep Regression

4 month old baby sleep

Baby sleeping are sometimes unpredictable. Your baby that once was a great sleeper, mysteriously become a disastrous mess that he starts waking up three to four times a night.

However this is fairly common for babies who are around four months old of age. It even has a popular nickname: “4 month old baby sleep regression”. From that moment on, a bedtime with no tears has turn out to be rare.

Countless parents come for help with their 4 month old baby sleep.

What is sleep regression? 

In a nutshell, sleep regression is the disruption of your baby’s normal sleeping routine. It is when your baby’s sleeping pattern becomes worse despite a normal bedtime routine.

A baby who has been sleeping through the night (note that sleeping through the night in baby between 0-5 months means 5-6 hours straight) for weeks might begin waking up multiple times per night or show a general dislike for bedtime. If there is no drastic changed in the past week and your once good sleeper baby is waking up at night, he might be experiencing a sleep regression.

What happen during sleep regression? 

  • Fussiness begins.  

Your sweet happy baby will transform into a cranky little gremlin.

  •  Sleep stops. 

Naps become shorter, get baby to sleep takes forever, baby wakes up frequently and miserably. He simply won’t sleep.

  • Endless nursing or feeding. 

Sometimes regressions can be connected with “growth spurts” and your baby is demanding more from you to amp up your supply because they’re getting bigger and need more food. If you’re nursing you may find your baby is welded to your boobs eternally. Bottle fed babies can also demand more/frequent feeding.

  • Want to be held. 

During regression, babies often become clingy and needy and want to be held ONLY by you. And if you do co-sleeping, it is not the right time to end it.


  • Don’t Panic! 

Just remember it is only temporary. You are already exhausted so if you are panic, it will not help you but will make it worse. So, first, don’t panic.

  • Do Anything That Works (for now only) 

Swing, swaddle may need to be taken out again from your storage. You may need to rock your baby again to sleep. This is not a step back but to help everybody to sleep. For now only. 

  • Get Back on the Sleep Path 

Sleep regressions are temporary unless you fall into its trap that makes it permanent. As rocking, swinging your baby to sleep is ok for the first few weeks, but if you continue doing so for a month without realizing that the regression has now over, it will surely become permanent. Use your instinct, and if you see it is time, slowly and gently get your baby back on the right track.

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