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Common Things About Newborn Sleep

newborn sleep

In the beginning, newborn sleep a lot. Usually in the first few months, your newborn baby will sleep for most of the day. Sleep and crying are two things that you will encounter most, so, you would expect that you may not get any real interaction, or reactions at first.



Standard routine can be applied to your baby after a few months of age. In most cases, it can start at 4 months old. One example: when it is time to sleep, you can create wind down time, bath, feeding, massage, for your baby and finally sleep.

Soothing music can be used to help your newborn sleep, or even stuffed animals that have the reenacted sounds of the wombs in their belly. Just be sure not to place the stuffed animals into her crib, as that is dangerous.

SIDS and Baby Sleeping Bags

SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a syndrome in which an otherwise seemingly healthy baby suddenly dies in his sleep. Although in some cases, there are no known causes of SIDS, but sometimes SIDS can happen to due accident such as, suffocation from things in baby cribs or other causes.

There are few things you can do to prevent SIDS:

  • Place your baby on his back when sleeping.  
  • Put well-fitted clothing  
  • Do not put any pillows, toys, or blankets into your baby’s crib.  
  • You can put the baby in a Baby Sleeping Bag, a garment that the baby wears and you zip up to keep the baby warm, without the fear of a baby covering his face. 

Do It Differently

Try different things and see which works best for you. Try the baby sleeping in your bed, bassinet, co- sleeper and crib and see which one the baby naturally adapts to. Then every week, you can try a new sleeping source and see if the baby will sleep in that.

Your Marriage

Having a newborn baby can sometimes take a lot of your time and energy. But it doesn’t mean that your marriage should be left suffer. It is still important to spend time with your spouse, both with the baby or separately. Talk, laugh, have fun, have sex, just enjoy one another.

You can ask your parents to look after just for a few hours so you two can go out for dinner date.

Get More Knowledge

Baby sleeping problem can cause stress to you or your partner due to sleep deprive. Try to get knowledge as much as you can. More knowledge means more options. With more knowledge you will not get stuck in one problem because you can find solutions and thus will reduce your stress.

Find advice from your doctors, parents or your friends. You can read books on how to get your baby to sleep. Later, you will know what works best for your new little one. So relax and have fun. What may at times seem like a lot of work, to get your baby to stop crying and start sleeping, you will only experience for a while with your child. Just love them and enjoy these new adventures.

Dealing With Baby Sleeping Issues Is Easier Than You Think!
By knowing your options, it will let you know what to do and hence avoid getting stressed or frustrated.

“Understanding baby sleeping” provides those options.

How to get a baby to sleep through the night?

The information included on this site is for your information only, and is by no means a substitute for the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. If you have a particular problem or ambiguity, see a doctor.



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