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Why Baby Sleep Training Is Not Good?

Why Baby Sleep Training Is Not Good

There will be time when even the most patient, connected parents can reach their limit due to sleep deprivation.

At this time most parents are usually looking for instant solution without thinking the long term effect of it and one of them is by hiring or going to baby sleep training center.

I have done so many researches myself and also from the advice of children psychologist here in Australia, I conclude that baby sleep training is wrong.

Now, I feel that I can really put into words, the reasons why I don’t subscribe to this night-time baby training “business” – and here they are:

Reason 1
-Our thought about baby crying is wrong-

It is not fair for the baby if we conduct baby sleep simply because of our frustration.

Baby is crying because they need comfort and love. Those are very true as if they need for food. They don’t cry because they are trying to manipulate you. They don’t know that.

This crying that I am talking about is not about leaving baby to cry for 5 minutes. Babies need that 5 minute to wind down time alone. In baby sleep training, sometimes they let you leave your baby to cry prolonged. This will let them confused, frightened and lonely. That is huge different.

Babies do not understand that mom or dad is exhausted and needs sleep. Their crying is simply their instinct for love and touch.

Reason 2
–Baby sleep training only last for short term-

Controlled cyring that is taught in baby sleep class works for short term period. When baby is sick, teething, or when we take them to holiday, I am pretty sure all the routine will change. In baby sleeping training, we are encourage to do that awful process all over again.

Children who learn natural sleep habit on their own time with love and respect environment, will be able to adapt with new condition easier. Co – Sleeping baby will usually have less problem in handling new routine or condition because they know that they are safe and have warm body to snuggle up.

Reason 3
–Baby Sleep Training is simply not healthy at all-

Do you know when children cries because of stress they produce cortisol hormone in their blood? This hormone is toxic. It creates response in the body and can put the child in a lot of emotional and physical strain.

If your child is subjected to this situation over and over again, it can be very damaging. Brain damage is one of them and may be prone to aggression later in life.
Reason 4 – Your Baby Will Not Trust You Anymore.

During day time, as we have more power to keep awake, we usually response to our baby cries when they are sad, hungry, or simply need a cuddle or love. If we don’t do the same at night, they can be confused and can break their trust to us. Don’t risk that.

You might not know, but it can affect at their later age, usually when they are teenager. Don’t get surprised if they shut us down.

Reason 5
–It’s Unnatural-

Every child has their own time and phase to get them sleep through the night skill.

Letting them go with their own time will benefit for their life in all aspect, they will have more confident at their later age, they are healthier, etc.

Getting them to baby sleep training would break this process.

Reason 6
–It will affect breast feeding process in a bad way-

There is no way to tell if they have enough. Breast milk cannot be quantified.

Refusing to feed at night could cut necessary nutrients for them.

Reason 7
–It damage your relationship with your Child-

It is natural that mother and child are bonded each other. But it is also needs to be built.

The bond that you have built during day time can be simply damaged when you are not doing the same at night. Because they simply to small to understand the difference.

Dealing With Baby Sleeping Issues Is Easier Than You Think!
By knowing your options, it will let you know what to do and hence avoid getting stressed or frustrated.

“Understanding baby sleeping” provides those options.

How to get a baby to sleep through the night?


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